#TolunaLottery | Who are the winners of the Toluna Lottery?

Dear members of Toluna,

Here are the last winners of the Toluna Millionaire Lottery, who are leaving with 1 million points!

  • Tuesday, February 18: Globalbest – France
  • Wednesday, February 19: Jesy81 – Portugal
  • Thursday, February 20: hayati – Malaysia
  • Friday, February 21: edirlan.censi2 – Brazil
  • Saturday, February 22: Zeynepalex – Turkey
  • Sunday, February 23: leyos – Spain
  • Monday, February 24: yong23 – Thailand


Congratulations to everybody!

Unfortunately, this week we didn’t have a winner from the Pakistani community but it doesn’t matter too many more chances to come! 🙂

You can always consult our dedicated website, which we keep up to date with new winners: http://tolu.na/l/y8NLw2c

Reminder of the conditions to be eligible for this draw:

♣ Winners must complete at least one survey within 30 days of the draw

♣ Winners must be active in the community and have created content in the last 30 days (including but not limited to discussions, votes or comments) – this will allow for greater transparency as the winners will be active users in the community

♣ Members must have a photo in their profile


We will announce the next winners next week, good luck to all!

Toluna Team


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